South Korea's Samsung Electronics is Recruiting

  • Published: 2012-04-12
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South Korea's Samsung Electronics is Recruiting
    The Job workplace in Korea, engaged in research and development engineers
- Digital Media & Telecommunication
- Device Solution (Memory / the Sys. The LSI / LCD)
- The Advanced Institute of Technology,
To enter, campus recruitment search for R & D enterprises in South Korea's Samsung Electronics, the candidates
recruitment of object:
- Related areas in July 2012 Dr. graduate and graduate degrees
- Related to the field of more than 5 years work experience, master's or above
Project Advantage
- The world's top R & D concepts and equipment
- The most cutting-edge R & D content
- And around the world the best R & D personnel cooperation opportunities
- Plain English cross-cultural working environment
- Science and engineering talent in various disciplines can get useless
- International standards of senior personnel salary levels
- In addition to salary for all senior personnel to be employed to provide accommodation and living allowance.
recruitment requirements:
- Willing to work at least 2-3 years in South Korea
- Excellent level of English
- Science and engineering professionals: communication / electronic / computer / software (Linux / HCI / Security / Android) / physical / chemical / biological
Recruitment process:
- Resume received: 2011.09.06 - 2011.10.16 (
- The first round of interviews: 2011.10.17 - 2011.10.28
- Final interview: 2011.11
January 2012 - Offer to receive: 2011.12
(Candidates for the job of the project does not need to take a written examination)
- Please submit your Chinese resume on in website and pasting the attachment, be sure to attach your resume in English
- Consulting Contact iro.sec @